Skill Acquisition

Skill Acquisition as part of our extra-curricular activities is taken very seriously and this has been infused with the School Curriculum which happens once in a week and on a daily basis after examinations till vacation. All Students are expected to learn a skill before graduation and this is compulsory for all students.

For Secondary, These are Compulsory Skill sets

Catering, Hair Stylist, Tailoring, Music, Barbing

For Primary, These are the Compulsory Skill sets

Tailoring, Shoe Making, Interior Decoration, Bead Making and, Bag Making, Music, Ballet

A student has the option of choosing any of those skill sets and there are professionals in each of those set skills saddled with the responsible of teaching the students practically those skills. At the end of the final School Year, a student is equipped with one or more set of skills which he can use as a source of income after graduation.

Club Activities is also have paramount importance, as the students belong to various school clubs which holds on Fridays. The aim of the School Clubs is to provide a balanced curriculum between what is taught in the class and reality. We have the Home Makers Club, The Press Club, The Drama Club, The Debating Society, Young Farmers Club e.t.c

Sport Activities is key to physical development, hence our students engage in various sports activities like soccer, table tennis, basket ball, jogging, etc every Thursday. The aim of this is to keep the students mentally alert and physically fit for school activities.

There was always something new to learn



Wisdom is knowing what to do next, Skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.