Student Extra Skill

Extra-curricular activities is taken very seriously in Royal College and we have divided it into 2 broad areas which are

  1. Skill Acqusition and
  2. Club Activities
  3. Sport Activities

Skill Acquisition is intended at equipping students with some set skills before their graduation.Such Skills includes Shoe Making, Tailoring and Photography. A student has the option of choosing any of those skill sets and their are professionals in each of those set skills saddled with the responsible of teaching the students practically those skills.

At the end of the final School Year, a student is eqipped with one or more set of skills which he can use as a source of income after graduation.

Club Activities is also have paramount importance, as the students belong to various school clubs which holds on Fridays. The aim of the School Clubs is to provide a balanced curricullum between what is taugt in the class and reality. We have the Home Makers Club, The Press Club, The Drama Club, The Debating Society, Young Farmers Club et.c

Sport Activities is key to physical development, hence our students engage in various sports activities like soccer, table tennis, basket ball, jogging , etc every Thursday.The aim of this is to keep the students mentally alert and physically fit for school activities. �