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How Old is the School?

The School will be 15 years by October 5th, 2017

Are there day students in Royal College?

Certainly Yes, though few in number but essentially a boarding school.

Do staff members stay with the students in the Compound?

Yes there are staff quarters that provide accommodation to a number of staff members. In the nearest future, all staff members will be quartered in the college compound.

When is the visiting day?

The visiting day is usually Last Saturday of every month. Parents are not allowed to visit apart from this day.

Are provisions allowed in the school?

Yes, provisions are allowed but in moderate quantities preferable in sachets.

Are Parents allowed to celebrate birthdays with their wards in school?

No, birthday celebration is not allowed in the school.

What is the maximum number of Students in class?

The maximum number of students for our classroom is 25 students.

Is the School a Christian School and is admissions opened to only     Christians?

Yes, the school is a Christian school and our students go to the chapel every Wednesday and Sundays but non Christian are also welcome in Royal College as there is freedom of religion.

How are students evaluated?

Students are evaluated using  biweekly tests, a mid term Examination and an end of term examination.

Are transport services available?

Yes, Transport services are available for the nursery and primary school only but special arrangements can be made for secondary school a student who needs such services.


For more information, please pick up the school prospectus from the school reception or give us a call.