Governance & Organization

Royal Group is a world class organization with interest in Education, Foods and Event Management founded in 1990 headed by the Board of Governors in person of

  • Rev. Dr. J.F.O Olalusi
  • Mr A.T Ibinayo
  • Mrs Bolade Afolabi
  • Mrs Olubukola Adebunmi

They meet annually to take critical decisions at the annual board meeting and they have the powers to implement and execute decisions taken in line with the vision and mission of the Group.
The Board of Directors are responsible for implementing the strategic plans of the various subsidiaries. The Board of Directors are heads of the various subsidiary that makes Royal Group which precisely are The Educational and The Food and Event Management Section.

The Board of Directors are:

  • Rev. Dr. Julius Foluso Olalusi (retired)
  • Late Rev. Mrs Olalusi
  • Mr Oluwaseun Olalusi (Secretary to the board)
  • Mr Tolulope  Olalusi
  • Mrs Olushola Olalusi
  • Mrs Bunmi Olalusi
  • Miss Tiwatope Olalusi
  • Miss Tiwalayo Olalusi
  • Master Daniel Olalusi

The Secretary to the Board of  Director heads Royal Group and is responsible for the day to day running of the group and her subsidiaries.

The Board of Directors supersedes the Management Team which is divided into 3 levels

  • The First Level Management Team

This group is headed by the Vice Principals and the Assistant head Coach and they meet once in a term to discuss challenges they face in the day to day running of the school and proffer possible solutions for recommendations to 2nd Level Management Team.

Other cadre of staff like the House officers, the Maintenance officers, The Academic Heads of Departments and Coordinators, the year tutor e.t.c all make this group and their recommendations are passed to the 2nd Management Team for adoption.

  • The Second Level Management Team

This group is headed by the School Administrator who also doubles as the Secretary to the Board of Directors which meets twice in a term to discuss adopted issues from the 1st Level Management meetings and implement possible solutions.

The group is made up of the School Heads, Finance Head, the School Chaplain and the Heads of the Event and Food. The various heads are expected to give reports of activities in their various departments, they are also expected to discuss challenges and proffer possible solutions. The 2nd meeting of the group is a finance meeting which is done to discuss the income and expenditure of the group, the indebtedness of the group and do a SWOT analysis of the group which is usually done by the Finance Head.

  • The Third Level Management Team

The group is a duo role of the The Administrator and the Finance Head for Royal Group. They meet at will to take and approve critical finance decisions regarding Royal Group.