Message from director

The school took off with 16 class rooms, 5 students, 12 teachers and 3 non – teaching staff. The staff, students population grew gradually and today there are 84 staff and over 820 students.Click on the View More button to watch video .Formal approval of the secondary arm by the State Government was on the 5th of October 2005 and approval of the Primary school. We currently have 40 classrooms and other 10 structures for students. West African Examination Council approved the school in 2006 and the National Examination Council in 2008.
We must thank God for it’s grace as our excellent performance is divine. We top all other schools around in terms of external examination performance. We also stand tall considering moral and ethical issues. Spirituality is our way of life.

Pastor Afolabi  Ibinayo, a product of Economics department of the Prestigious University of Ibadan. He is a professional marketer and a former marketing executive for TOTAL Plc, and now the Proprietor of Aunty Tope Schools, Agbara Estate. He was the immediate past chairman of the board.
Rev. Olalusi, a retired executive of the Central Bank who was once the Head of C.B.N Training center, Lagos. He was the pioneer Principal and Pastor of the chapel. He is a product of the University of Ibadan and Unliag. He is the current chairman.
Rev.Mrs Olalusi  She is a director in Royal College and a product of Federal Dental College (1977) and University of Ibadan College Of Medicine. She also trained as a pastor from LIFE theological seminary Ikorodu.  A passionate educator and loving mother.
Mrs Bola Babarinlo, a very senior teacher in the service of Lagos State. Product of College of Education , Ikere, Ekiti and Lagos state university. She has more than 25 years teaching experience with Lagos state.
Mrs Odunaike, a professional nurse, who retired as an Assistant Director (Nursing) in Ogun State after 35 years. She has a passion for learning and teaching.