Parents who wish their child sit for Common Entrance must download,fill,Print and submit an Application Form from our website or directly purchase form from the school’s Account office.

STAGE 1:  Make Payments for the stipulated amount into our banks.

Zenith Bank –                          (For Year 7 -12)

Skye Bank –                             (For Pry School and Early Years)

STAGE 2:  Filling and Submission of the forms before the entrance examination dates. The entrance examination dates are on the flyers.

STAGE 3:  Pupils / students are given entrance test and interviews on the following

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge

STAGE 4:  Within a week candidates that are successful will be notified by e-mail, text messages and phone calls. This will be followed by a formal letter from the Principal Or Head Teacher.

Successful pupils/ students are required to come with the following items:-

  • 4 recent passport coloured photograph
  • Completed and certified medical report from reputable hospital
  • A photocopy of previous class report card and transfer certificate

As a rule, we do not publish candidates’ scores. The second part of the entry procedure is your acceptance of the place, together with a non-refundable deposit. This will be deducted from your child’s First Term’s fees. Then follows an admission pack with all the details of School life – term calendar, uniform lists, and so on. Uniforms are available at the school shop. It is important to book well ahead of resumption.

STAGE 5: It is mandatory for all the new pupils / students to pay hundred percent of the school fees on or before resumption.


  1. Admission is given into various classes sought for in the Nursery / Primary while it is given to JSS one, two and SSS one in the secondary. Note that the minimum age requirement for admission into JSS one is eleven (11) years.
  2. All the necessary documents stated above should be submitted to the Principal or the Head teacher before admission into the school.

For Early Years (3 months – 5 years)

  1. A meeting between Parents/Guardians, child and Head of Pre-School is a pre-requisite for children desiring admission into the Pre-School.
  2. A child’s place is confirmed upon payment of Tuition and Registration Fees within the deadline stipulated on the admission letter.

FOR JUNIOR BASIC SCHOOL (6 – 12 years) Year 1- 6

  1. Admission into the Year 1 – 6 commences with an enquiry by a parent/guardian. In the event of a vacancy, a parent/guardian completes an Application Form which sets the stage for an entrance examination.
  2. A child is placed in class based on his or her performance in the entrance test. Where there is doubt of the child’s performance level, he or she could be placed in class for a trial period not exceeding one academic year

FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (12  – 17 Years)Year 7 – Year 12

  1. To qualify for admission into the Secondary School, a candidate is expected to have completed six years of primary education, and attained the age of eleven (11) by September 1 in the year for which admission is sought.
  2. An Entrance Examination and Oral Interview will be conducted for all the candidates while offer of admission will be made to successful candidates only. A child’s place is confirmed upon payment of the minimum deposit within the deadline stipulated in the admission Letter.